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Providing Portrait, Event and Architectural photography to the New England Region, and the world, Patrick Reading, Photography brings vision and expertise from diverse design and artistic mediums to provide you with a truly unique photographic experience. Please browse our galleries, and contact us if you want to know more. We look forward to working with you on your next artistic endeavor.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its 2011!

Wow! Its been a while since i've gotten a post up! But just because I haven't been posting, doesn't mean I haven't been busy! 

Last month I worked in conjunction with Kspin Designs to get our Kspin Kid of the Year, Elizabeth, a modeling contract with Expecting Models Inc. out of NYC representing national clients in children's clothing. Even though the grace and composure of Elizabeth in front of the camera was what landed her the contract, we like to think we played a part in her professional start, and wish her and her family continued success as they pursue further ventures.

 Not everyone is so easygoing about having their mug pasted around the world. Just because I CAN post pictures on the blog, the website, Facebook, twitpics, friendster, Myspace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, LiveJournal, et al doesn't mean that I HAVE to post them there! Not everyone who comes to me for photographs uses or wants to have their pictures in the pubic realm of the internet, or  is looking to become the next big thing in the modeling world. This last couple months I've had several clients who are more private about their image, and I respect that. To be a bespoke photographer means accomodating the wishes of the client, not only in the finished product, but in the level and nature of the services provided.

Any business person has to keep looking towards the future and constantly innovating and adapting. A photographer is no different, and There are some exciting things in the works! From professional associations, partnerships, new products and services, and great ideas and inspirations, 2011 is looking to be the best year ever!

Just some ideas of whats to come:

Photobooth! Not only will the up and coming photo booth be available for events and weddings, but you'll be seeing it at local fairs and community events in the Colchester area starting this spring! I'll be keeping you updated with dates and locations as they get scheduled. so come on by say hi, have a little fun, and get cheap portraits fast!

More Kspin deliciousness! I don't know about you, but I cant get enough of the cuteness that is Kspin and their kids! Kerry and I have been in discussions about the spring line and opportunities for great things! We've got another Kspin Kid to select for 2011, and want them to be as successful as Elizabeth in 2010. Do your kids have that special something to be a great model, or are you looking just to have fun playing dress up and fashion model for the day? Head on over to Kspin Designs, and see how you're child can become one of the Kspin Kids!

New package pricing! Just between you and me, set photo packages are SOOOO 2010! Starting in February, I'll still be offering per session ala carte pricing, but in addition, there will be package deals for your special moments. From personalized senior packages, modeling sessions to get you in the door, to wicked weddings with the works, I'll be offering one price shopping at discounted rates that still have the flexibility to get what you want, without breaking the bank! Keep an eye here and on the site for upcoming changes!

Limited Time offer! Yes, I'll have new pricing starting in February, but if you still want to get in on 2010 session rates, you have until the end of January to book for discounted pricing up to 3 months in advance! So give me a call now for those cute Easter photos you'll want to take in April, and you'll get in on last years prices for both the booking fee and ala carte pricing. And don't worry. If you book on last years pricing, but see something you like better on the new packages, I'll be happy to hold your date, but  convert your package.

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