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Monday, May 9, 2011

It Aint no Pulitzer...

Well, It wont be winning any awards, but a photograph taken on my sons 3rd grade town history walking tour field trip was published in the local paper. Granted, it's a once a week, delivered by mail, free, local edition of a regional newspaper, so its not exactly front page of the Boston Globe, but it was page 3 of an established print paper, So that's something.

Of course, they DID credit it to "CONTRIBUTED" in the print paper.... but they attributed it correctly in the online version. You can see it archived here.

Or just look at the original in all its glory right here!

Colchester third graders from Jack Jackter Intermediate School listen to the history of the Bulkeley Family Mausoleum on their annual Town History walking tour. The tour covered locations including the Old Bacon Academy building, the Old Burial Grounds, the Colchester Federated Church, and the Cragin Library.

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