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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kspin Kittens unwrap for a Good Cause!

Every catalog shoot I do with Kerry Spindler of Kspin Designs, we always sit and think, "What can we do for the great moms and dads that sacrifice their time, energy, and children on the altar of fashion. In the past, we've had goodie bags, outfits and portraits of the Kspin kids for them to take home. This time, we wanted to kick it up a notch.

Last Saturday, while we were at the exquisite Charles Street Inn shooting the kids for the catalog, we asked the moms if they were up for a shoot of their own. The response we got ranged from reserved to rambunctious, but  the ladies were up to the shot. And because we wanted to make sure the Mom's significant others were thanked for their participation in the event, we decided to make it a very special boudoir photoshoot.

Last Saturday night I posted teasers (see below ) of the awesome time we had! our Kspin Kittens (great name Kerry!) had the time of their lives doing makeup, picking out outfits, and modeling not only their incredible fashions, but their incredible selves as well! 

First, Our fearless leader (and I do mean fearless) was rocking her voluptuous self and set a great example for the others on being bold and confident! As the owner of Kspin Designs, she took on the styling and outfitting of all the moms, with a emphasis on the golden age of Hollywood glamour.  As a survivor of melanoma, she was especially vigilant in consulting with the ladies on skin care, weeks before the shoot.  Kspin Designs is proud supporter of the Melanoma Research Foundation and their Wings of Hope for Melanoma Project. The beautiful skin of your Kspin Ladies is a reminder to stay Proud to be Pale, and protect your skin, for the present, and the future! Remember to Take a Stand and NOT Tan!

And Kerry's not just proud to be Pale, shes also proud and confident in that skin as a plus sized woman! She had us all laughing with her reminders that big is beautiful, and this is exactly what she means:

Kspin Designs likes to think of our proud mommas and Kspin Kids as family, and in some cases that's more literal then others. Kerrys sister, Karyn brought along a few things of her husband's to model, and I'd have to say that hat and shirt look just as good on her as they would on him. Maybe better.

Kerry's luminous skin must be genetic, because her sister shares that quality...

...and isn't afraid of sharing it...

Even though our next mom isn't family, we feel like she is! She and her kids have been with Kspin from the very beginning, and we were so happy when she wanted to join us for the evening as well. I think her transformation from mom to model was the most stunning. Krista is truly a classic beauty, reminiscent of 40's and 50's bombshell pinups.

She was fabulous in front of the camera, and really rocked her outfits and accessories. Its always fun working with bold, confident ladies!

 Her confidence really shone through in later photos, but unless you're her husband, you'll have to use your imagination.

Our last Kitten doesn't have any Kids with Kspin, but has been invaluable behind the scenes wrangling, dressing and making up out little treasures, so we couldn't leave her out, even if we tried. Debbie is the one of our moms with actual modelling experience, and it shows through.

She rocked the night and really showed us all what it means to be strong and bold!

Of course, with legs like these, its easy to be fabulous!

On behalf of Patrick Reading, Photography, and Kspin Designs, I'd like to thank our Fantastic Kspin Moms for participating in the shoot, and showing that moms can be just as incredible as their little ones, and can rock the camera even after kids, and at any age.  I'd also like to thank the Charles Street Inn for providing such sumptuous backgrounds and putting up with us shooting until the wee hours of the morning. The Inn is nine rooms of Victorian splendor, and the Innkeepers the most accommodating people you could find. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to go to Boston for a trip. You wont be disappointed!

Thank you again, all you strong sexy moms, for participating, and letting us use your photos! We look forward to working with you again!

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