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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life in a small town

Every year in my little rural town, they put on a scarecrow contest on the town green. Its a lot of fun, with entries by businesses, public organizations and individual families.

This years festivities were presided over by the royal family of Castle Child care. They were dressed in their most regal attire for the occasion, and were even accompanied by the royal cat.

And of course. where ever the royal family gathered, the courtesans are sure to assemble. This years festivities were well attended by the Democratic party nominees who too time out of their busy campaign schedule to stump at the Green.

Not to be out done, the Republican party was also in attendance, along with the party mascot. I dont know about you, but Janet Peckinpaugh is looking as good as ever! I always admired her straw blonde hair.

Kid Synergy made a showing, and brought along a few of their little friends. Look slike they are in the middle of spell casting class, so we'll move along before being turned into a toad.

Which is a good thing, because the Colchester garden club would not appreciate toads in thier autumn flower patch.

Shattered Endz hair salon provided us with excellent examples of their coloring work, in what is sure to be a big hit with the children's birthday entertainment market...

If you're not happy with your color job, Colchester Barber Shop can take it off the top... Just make sure its not too much off the top.

While there, be sure to stop at Brownie troop #63355 display and pick up some girlscout cookies from thier little sprytes.

But be careful with those treats. Suburban Home Medical gave us a peek into what happens to those who indulge a little too much this harvest season. I think its too late for this scarecrow. Although, i might be more concerned if it actually DID have a pulse.

He has a load orf candy in that bucket, but a better choice might be the local retirement home. THey are open for visitors... even these little monsters.

The cub scouts don't have any candy, but this wolf scout still has a howling good time...

He might look fierce, but Again and Again Consignments shows us that you don't have to have fangs to be a little monster.

Looks like the bears should have left well enough alone. I think Goldilocks last name might have been "Borden"

So as the sun sets in the west over the Annual Harvest festival, the Royal family hopes you enjoyed the tour, and wishes you a Happy Halloween and as much candy corn as was in this corny post....

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