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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cars on the Green

ntsLast night I got the chance to visit the Good Times Motoring Club show on the Colchester town green. GTMC is a group of motoring enthusiasts that was established in 1982 and hosts monthly antique shows on the town green every 3rd wed of the summer months until September.

Just my luck, the first car on the green was my favorite, a late 60's model mustang convertible. This one came complete with drive up dining!
Although this is the car I want to drive on warm summer days with the top down and the radio playing, I enjoy earlier model cars for their Art deco details. The 40's were an ideal time for sleek rounded shapes that spoke to the world of speed and luxury

This plum Ford gleams of fedoras and milk stoles

A late 30's Studebaker shows the influence of the art deco movement in its grille.

This Plymouth is looking pretty in pink
Not all cars were built for luxury, however, as this Modified vintage Ford pickup shows:

Modifieds were plenty, but few as fine as this stripped down roadster:

But even the utilitarian everyday cars needed to sport a little bling

Alas the Hood Ornament is a detail that's been left behind in the modern age. Where else will you find a transcontinental eagle?

Not to be out done, Ford had its own aviation themed hood ornament, accented by modern tribal line work in today's fashion:

Some car owners take this modern hot rod embellishment to all aspects of the car, including the engine area

And some don't limit their customizations to paint either. This guy must really like his golf...

Still, its nice when a restorer stays true to the intent of the period and designers, as in this beautiful "Woody"

You don't see wood work like this on today's vehicles. Heck, you don't see wood work like this in most furniture!

Speaking of staying true to the period, there is nothing more that needs to be said about this one:

Rock around the clock in Overdrive, indeed! The fifties was a great time for cars, with wide flat bodies and wider flatter fins

But if I had a second choice on a car, it would be a 60's Corvette... Alas, this is as close to the cockpit of one of these beauties as I'll get

a curvaceous beauty if I ever saw one:

This little Porsche number as well:

Look a little closer, and you'll see something familiar. Yes, that's a Pratt & Whitney eagle in the engine, for my P&W employed friends out there:

I wonder if the car has earned its wings too?

It was getting late, and time to go, as the sun began to set on the green. Still, there is one more night of auto heaven coming on the third Wednesday of September. Till then, keep your tail lights on!

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