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About Me

Providing Portrait, Event and Architectural photography to the New England Region, and the world, Patrick Reading, Photography brings vision and expertise from diverse design and artistic mediums to provide you with a truly unique photographic experience. Please browse our galleries, and contact us if you want to know more. We look forward to working with you on your next artistic endeavor.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to Patrick Reading, Architecture • Photography

In today's world, so many things have become commodities, to be traded and exchanged and picked off the shelf. Its good to know that even now, you can find goods and services that are still personal and customized to your needs desires and wants. 

"Bespoke" is a term originally used in the tailoring industry for custom made mens clothing. Typically a tailor would work with a client to choose fabric, pattern, color and cut the garment to the exact fit of the client, for a truly one of a kind item. Increasingly this term is being used in the design industry for everything from furniture to artwork, even when the products they are offering are mass produced and mass marketed.

Photography is truly a "bespoke" industry, as there is nothing more personalized then your own image. And yet, large studios have managed to change even your image into a commodity, by offering set backdrops, set poses, set packages and set expectations. Don't you believe capturing your memories and images deserves something more?

We believe that when you capture an image: of a person, a building, an event, or a scene, you are capturing more then just what it looks like. You are capturing the personality, the history, the character of the subject and letting that shine through to be seen for all. When you come to us for your photographic needs, we will work to uncover your subject as an individual, and present the essence of your subject, beyond jsut the image of it with props and staged scenery. Come to us for a truly bespoke experience to capture your cherished memories.

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